About Us

What we do well for you
Bulde GmbH is a new type of company offering a full range of services related to design, supply and high-quality installation of PVC and aluminium windows, curtain walls, metal structures, railings, ventilated facades and shutters.The company started with a team of highly qualified management comprised of engineers and designers well versed with the EU standards and the various state-specific norms and requirements.
Who we represent for you and where
The company was founded in 2014 in Germany as a trading company in order to represent Comfort Partners Ltd. in Europe, particularly in Austria, Germany and the UK. The company signed a contract for exclusive rights to trade in Comfort Partners Ltd’s goods and services in these countries.
What we achieved together with you
With Bulde GmbH‘s newly opened commercial offices in Austria and Germany, within about a year we can already justify our credibility to the investors who believed in us and our professionalism shown in number of completed projects of residential buildings, boutique houses, hotels, interior glass solutions, etc.
How we manage your projects
Bulde GmbH implemented specialised software, a quality management system based on the experience and advice of Comfort Partners Ltd., as well as other software to support the Quotes department, the Technical and the Design department.