For the classical aluminium windows and doors, BULDE uses profile systems of the highest quality. In the core of the quality door and window profiles lies the brand Schuco.

 Schuco systems combine functionality and timeless design. This technology is a harmonious blend of shapes and colours. The excellent quality of the material gives flawless finish to the product.

 Over time windows and doors are exposed to wind, rain, temperature fluctuations and mechanical stress which can have a significant impact on durability. Aluminium has proven resistance and allows the production of structures in different colours.

Last but not least comes the sense of security, the feeling of being protected not only from the severe weather but also from unwanted intruders.

Schuco offers effective locking systems to ensure security and resistance to burglary. They provide a high level of basic protection that can be increased with additional locking points. The locks are lockable manually or with a pushbutton. The locking handles feature robust design and easy operation. Increased burglar protection should not lead to compromising the appearance.

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